Video Poker Tips

Video Poker is one of the most primitive online casino games that you can play. That doesn’t make it any less exciting to play, though. One of the perks of playing video poker is that there is no dealer, and no opposition. Video poker is simply about building the best hand that you possibly can. Even so, there are a couple of things that you can do to boost your video poker gaming experience.

1. Learn the basic poker hands

Let’s be honest here; this might be kind of a moot point. But, if you don’t know the basic poker hands, you aren’t going to get anywhere. It may sound kind of silly, but you’d be surprised how many amateur poker players know how to form each hand, but fail to remember the exact ranking of the hands. This is rule one. You must learn how to build each hand, and where it sits in the ranking of basic hands before you play. This won’t take long to learn, and without it you might as well give up now.

2. What are you going to play?

Video poker has evolved a lot since the old standing machines of the 70’s and 80’s. Today, there are many variants out there. Each variant often has its own pay-table, sometimes with completely different rules from other games. Multi-hand video poker for instance, can sometimes let you bet on up to 100 hands at once. Try a few variants out, and find one that you like.

3. Variants sometimes permit different hands

Don’t be surprised to see some variants with some very different poker hands. Non-regulation hands such as a 5 of a Kind or a Wild Royal Flush are quite common in video poker variants. These hands are constructed the use of wilds cards.

Other poker variants no longer accept a pair of jacks as the lowest paying hand. They may require you to get a Three of a Kind or higher, to get any kind of pay-out at all. If you need to learn about the extra hands, then do that before you try and play each different video poker variant.

4. Be careful of that automatic “hold” feature

Most video poker games contain an automatic hold feature. This is a feature where the game automatically holds the cards that it thinks will lead to your best paying hand. That is its problem. Sometimes in poker, you need to use a bit of imagination to see the best possible hand, and that is something that the computer lacks.

Sometimes the most obvious hand, isn’t the best one. You can always click on a card to remove the automatic hold, and then when you switch cards, the cards that the computer held in the first place will be discarded.

Video Poker is quite a simple game, and as long as you know the ranking of the hands, you shouldn’t encounter too many difficulties with it. There are strategies out there, too, but with a bit of patience and practice, you won’t really need to use any.

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